Decimal Time Clock

This gives the fraction of the current day that has elapsed. For example, if the time is 18:00 hours (6:00 PM), the fraction of the day that has elapsed is 0.75. (See the table below for conversions to conventional time.)

The dial is arranged so that 0.0 is at the right side of the dial, and the needle moves counterclockwise. This matches how angles are placed in the coordinate system in mathematics: 0.0 is at the right half of the x-axis, and the direction of increasing angle is counterclockwise.

I created this app with no expectation that this idea was original; I have since learned that decimal time was introduced during the French Revolution, but abandoned.


Fraction of day Hours Minutes Seconds
0.1 2 24 0
0.01 0 14 24
0.001 0 1 26.4
0.0001 0 0 8.64
0.00001 0 0 0.864